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Who are we?

My name is Abdirahman but I’m more commonly known as Abzi, and I am a Somali native tutor.

My love for teaching the Somali language was born out of my desire to help those who couldn’t read, write or even speak Somali well even though it was their mother tongue. In fact, my first students were actually the children of my Aunt who came back here to live but struggled with the language.

After meeting them I decided to start teaching Somali to children here in Mogadishu as part of Caawiye School and soon after set up online classes so that I could help teach people globally.

Since then I’ve taught many Somali and even non-Somali students, who are based in multiple countries around the world including Canada, the US, the UK and Kenya, who wanted to learn the language for a multitude of reasons including that it’s their mother tongue, for work and even the fact that their spouse is Somali.

How’s it going now?

Since starting teaching I have taught hundreds of students and have even quit my job as a teacher in a primary school to teach full time to my students in Caawiye as well as my online students.

Now I am a full time Somali tutor and I focus all of my time teaching my students as well as developing a range of teaching resources including videos and worksheets and even an online course which will be coming soon.

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