7 ways to learn the Somali language FAST?

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7 ways to learn the Somali language FAST?

In this article you’re gonna learn 7 ways that you can learn Somali language fast.

Step 1

Get a passion, Love the language and why you want to learn?

There’s no question that you can learn every language if you know why you want to learn and love at the same time,

So ask yourself why I want to learn?

What benefits would I get after I learn, and do I have a time to practice or take some course.

Then now you now why you want to learn, maybe the reason is you’re already Somali and you forget Somali since you live in abroad or born and raised in abroad country, not that reason but your friend or some of your relatives speak Somali so you want to learn or you’re not Somali but you work with some Somali then you want to learn.

If you’re one of those and plus you love to speak, write and read Somali then you’re in the first step of learning Somali language fast.

Step 2

Watch some beginner YouTube videos.

In this step don’t ask somebody which videos are better for me to watch Somali on YouTube but instead make a research and then you can find some videos are better for you, the reason you don’t ask somebody else is that they’d tell you some videos which are hard for you to practise.

By the way I want to tell you something about me.

When I first started watching YouTube videos as practising English was 2015 and you can’t imagine I was watching one video in 4 months. because I wanted to understand anything in that video and I remember it was a stand up comedy, then after that amount of repetition that one video the result was a shock because I understood anything on that video and my friends and family are surprised, they said like ,

‘ Can you understand this comedy and you laugh wow’

But they don’t know I was watching the last 4 months.

So it doesn’t mean only you watch the content and repeat everyday without any action. You need to use google translation and put the new words for you.

Now I’ve a gift for you and that’s some Somali channels on YouTube to practise Somali.

Channel number 1 is Somali with Abzi myself because I post every week one new video and I also have Live online classes.

Channel number 2 is Somali react, these guys are good I’m sure they don’t post educational videos like me but you can get there some short stories with English subtitles.

Channel number 3 is Somali English channel as you can see the name of this channel is for Somali people learning English but you can also get when the teacher translates English to Somali and it can help you as well.

Channel number 4 is Captain Majid, this channel is good for you if you’re not beginner and you like films because this guy makes voice over in Somali with some amazing films and I liked his voice I hope you too.

And last but not least is Hosow Pro, this channel is amazing and great for Somali learners because this guy’s voice is clear and he’s got some short films and also he makes another tech videos.

Step 3

Start with text messaging.

Start from today writing Somali using social media text messages repeat and never give up, but you may say I can’t understand that’s right but please stop being lazy use google translation and doing this in a long time will give a self confident then you can write your own words later.

After that take 1 step forward and start recording Voice-notes because this will lead to speak better Somali.

And don’t worry you might think about how I can get some Somali to send and reply all those staffs I’ll show you some tips you can get.

Step 4

Get some friends or relatives to practise with Somali.

This looks like the hardest step but it’s easy to get Some Somali people to practise with because Somali people live in Somalia are really good people love to communicate with other people and they mostly use social media not Instagram but they use Facebook a lot, so if you already have some friends or relatives start today and add their Facebook account, text and do the voice notes.

What about if you don’t have any friends or relatives in Somalia and still you want to practise with them, the answer is easy just make Facebook account if you haven’t already, then put your picture the profile add the country you live and maybe some pictures because they interest people live in abroad and they want to know many things then request as a friend many Somali guys but remember you choose people in between 15-18 because others they don’t like strangers sometimes and there you’ll have more than 30 Somali people to practise with. Please remember you always check on google Somalia time now, because mostly Somali people sleep 11pm and also the weekend is Thursday and Friday not Saturday and Sunday those days they may have work or school.

Step 5

Get an online tutor.

These days it’s normal to learn anything from your home since people face COVI19 and also many people trusted online business.

Getting Somali online tutor is very important while you’re learning the language and I’ve some suggestions where you can get and how easy or hard to pay those classes.

Here are some websites you can get some Somali tutors.

First website to get Somali tutor is justlearn.com

In this website you can get so many Somali tutors but I’ll suggest the best two teachers on that platform.

Fist best tutor is Daahir this teacher has more than 13 years of teaching Somali.

The second best teacher is Abzi who’s myself and has more than 5 years of teaching Somali.

The second website is Italki.com

But what if I say these websites are not good for getting online Somali tutors because of the classes time are very low.

Justlearn their class is only 25 minutes long also Italki is 30 minutes and the student should pay each class starts before that means student can be boring and maybe the tutor will book another class and you can’t book that time.

So I recommend you search Somali tutor on YouTube then email them or find their whatsApp link then book full Somali class.

For me now I’m teaching more than 25 different students and all they booked from my YouTube whatsApp link you can also do it now the link is ready on description.

Step 6

Read the Somali news on websites.

If you interest in reading websites instead of watching videos then you can read websites like BBC/Somali, VOA/Somali, SNTV, UNIVERSAL TV, and many more.

But if you still didn’t feel much comfortable for these website you can also read Facebook posts as Somali people always and everyday post on Facebook in different topics.

Step 7

Find a better Somali online course.

If you’re not beginner and know many basics of Somali then you should start finding Somali online course.

I know it’s hard to get but my website Somaliwithabzi.com is on it’s way and now I’m making Somali language for beginners Level 1 course, plus Somali Book 1 soon it’ll be available or when you’re watching this video it’s already available and you can get link on the description. There’s one online Somali course on Udemy called Somali through English you can now check if it’s worth to pay.

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